Polk&Union with Pfizer Bristol-Myers Squibb Alliance for the atrial fibrillation prevention campaign


Within the collaboration between two of the world’s most authoritative Pharma giants, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb, the role played by Polk&Union consisted in developing and implementing a creative communication campaign based on an online and offline dissemination strategy. Since the latter focused on a sensitive topic in the field of health prevention, namely atrial fibrillation (AF), it ran the risk of spreading alarm or even triggering fear in the public. Instead, the campaign managed to raise awareness by speaking to a very extensive target, appeared interesting and engaging, and broke through the wall of indifference. For the implementation of the on-field strategy, P&U chose to partner up with IGPDecaux, which created many set-ups, including station domination, airport domination, double-sided banners, systems and digital screens

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