Online Monitoring


Monitoring, analysis and storytelling to enhance communities

Polk&Union supported the EPOKA Group’s online monitoring project contributing with creativity and passion to storytelling and always remaining focused on objectives, analysis of results and performance.


  • Big Data Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Competitor Analysis

With #IKON we carried out a study aimed at assessing the digital enhancement of European football clubs. Based on a learning bot, which for over 6 years acquired knowledge on Web dynamics, this research was able to give a feedback on the online popularity of European clubs, following the analysis of their social performance. The first part of the research involved Europe’s twelve major teams and was broadcast on Sky’s Sunday Morning program.


With #IndeXfactor we assessed how online community engagement impacted on the performance of contestants of the X-Factor eleventh edition. Throughout the program, our surveys found that those with the lowest online approval rating were actually eliminated, while those with the most engaged and active online communities were the winners.


With #ElectionMood we focused on a selection of current topics that most inflame online interactions (politics and elections), analyzing the relationship between the story reported on online newspapers, the one told by leaders and parties and that resulting from the reactions of the public. Big data generated by social media before, during and after the 2018 Italian election campaign were placed under the magnifying glass of political and digital communication experts, data scientists, analysts and developers. This project, innovative as regards both methodology and content, caught the attention of national media such as La7, ADN Kronos, Il Tempo, Il Messaggero, AgenParl, CorCom and the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, among others.

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