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Sony PlayStation Italia

When the community leads

For a product that, alone, can catalyse the passion of players from all over the world, we developed a project proposal in which the community is at the very centre: players selected to be part of a reserved community that can turn them from buzz makers to real influencers. We supported our idea with a music production and a video clip that we created ad hoc.

This complex brand advocacy system is the heart of our proposal. In our view, the best way to promote PlayStation Italy must leverage who lives and loves PlayStation everyday. We created a reward platform for the biggest fans and the most loyal PlayStation Plus players: exclusive contents only accessible with a special subscription.


  • Digital Campaign
  • Brand Advocacy


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Community Building

Ready for the challenge?

To design this concept, we set up a team with transversal competences in charge of the strategic and operational project design, as well as of the creative aspects and the web and social monitoring. The main point of reference for this project is the community manager: a person that understands the dynamics of the target audience, speak their language and who is on their same page. The challenge we faced has been to increase the awareness of an already well-established brand in an unconventional way, stimulating users to transit from the network PlayStation to PlayStation Plus.

They are among us!

Our solution? Create a community, a system of relations, built on a shared storytelling. Fierce top players, up for anything and hyper-competitive are among us!

Creazione della community Anonymous Gamers per Sony Playstation

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