A new strategic model for digital integrated communications

Sapienza University of Rome

Renewed communication for a 700-year old historical ecosystem

This is the challenge facing Polk&Union: developing a digital integrated communication strategic model for a giant in the world of education and culture whose history stretches back more than 700 years, with over 110,000 students, more than 4,000 academic staff members, 2,000 officials, 11 faculties and 63 departments. Not an easy task. However, solving complex situations and helping customers succeed based on strategic advice is the dominant theme of our approach, and is at the heart of our company’s mission.


  • Business Communication Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Innovation Plan


  • Big Data Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Brand Mapping
  • Brand Reputation Monitoring
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection

Achieving the goal: a radical evolution of the communication model

The primary objective was to create a systematic and effective working method shared by the various different stakeholders, namely Central Administration, Faculties and Departments. Polk&Union’s strategic task consisted in developing a process aimed to manage and control communication flows, based on a radical evolution of the digital communications management model, which managed to involve effectively all the various players in the supply chain.

The analysis preceding and founding the strategy

To achieve this goal, we performed a careful and accurate analysis of La Sapienza’s communication model, based on big data, marketing analysis, brand reputation mapping and listening/assessing students’ opinions – via digital and analog detection tools – involving qualitative and quantitative data and engaging our team in the field for over 3 months.

The analysis brought to light all the relevant evidences and criticalities, laying the foundation for the construction of the new strategic communication model, primarily based on an evolved digital management concept. A user-centered system capable of efficiently stimulating and connecting all the actors of communication: institutional bodies, operators, students, families and future students.

Comunicazione integrata digitale per La Sapienza | Università di Roma

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