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A great leap forward towards digitalization

Digital transformation is continually redefining standards in every industry, and Pharma is no exception.The pace of evolution drives companies to seek innovation accelerators in order to maintain their relevance and performance on the target market. In particular, in recent months this scenario has drastically sped up further due to Covid-19, turning evolution into an essential corporate pillar.


  • Strategic Thinking & Consulting
  • Digital Tutoring
  • Digital Innovation Projects
  • Development & Implementation


  • Strategic Concept
  • Client-Based Project Management
  • Video Production
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistant Development


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Digital skill increase


Digital transformation


Of participants were pleased with the DIL project

The digital and innovative support provided by P&U

Polk & Union supported Pfizer’s Vaccine Business Unit in its digital transformation and innovation process, an aspect that Pfizer considers an essential asset of its DNA.

The goal was to work alongside the Vaccine Business Unit, allowing it to challenge its model and demonstrate its value by releasing an innovative charge within the company’s internal environment. All this based on a digital training program tailored to the customer’s needs, whose final purpose included the development of three innovative ideas, which would become defined projects ready for implementation.


Stages of the training program

Polk&Union created this project from scratch and guided its partners through four stages.

The first digital training stage involved instruction on the main tools and software, provided by means of video pills addressing everyone in the Pfizer Vaccine department. In the second step, Call4ideas, employees were involved in generating new innovative ideas, forming groups to discuss the winning projects in the third Ideas workgroup stage.

In the final stage, each group was asked to pitch their project.

Pfizer Digital Ideas Lab

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