Global Campaign #StopSuperBugs

Pfizer Italy

Polk&Union signs the new information and awareness campaign on antimicrobial resistance: a strategy against superbugs

The reference framework

The phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents a serious threat to global health: without structural intervention, superbugs resistant to antimicrobials could cause 10 million deaths every year by 2050. Pfizer confirms its now annual commitment to carry out an information and recall campaign on this delicate issue about health security, while many people still are unaware of its existence and consequences. With worldwide attention focused on the Covid-19 crisis, Pfizer takes the opportunity to raise public awareness also on the impact of infectious diseases caused by fungi and bacteria, as well as on AMR.

Polk&Union strategic support developing a cross-channel campaign 

Pfizer Italia, with its Business Unit Hospital, has chosen once again Polk&Union as a strategic partner for the Italian version of its global #StopSuperbugs campaign. Its request to maximize the visibility of the initiative and increase Pfizer’s brand authority on the AMR issue was accepted by structuring a balanced mix between online and offline media and guaranteeing continuous and prolonged coverage of the issue, not just during the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (November 18-24).


  • Strategic Thinking & Consulting
  • OOH Domination
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Social Media & Digital Adv
  • Website reshape


  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Dedicated social media plan on Pfizer Italia corporate channels
  • Station Domination on Rome and Milan
  • ADV Display

Brand Awareness

Brand Authority

Website Traffic

Community Engagement

A brand new campaign ecosystem

The project developed along two main and parallel lines: the creation and implementation of a station domination system for the Rome San Giovanni and Milan Porta Romana subways station; the development of a digital omnichannel communication strategy resulted in a complete content reshape of the campaign site with a dedicated social editorial plan. As for station domination, it is estimated that the creativity produced has intercepted about 20 million passages, drawing the attention of thousands of passengers. As for the digital, the campaign’s priority goals were: increasing Pfizer brand awareness on the AMR theme, engaging the social community on corporate channels with information and edutainment content. The beating heart of the entire campaign ecosystem was the renewed landing page, enhanced with new assets that provided the target consumer with a complete and comprehensive picture of the phenomenon of superbugs and antimicrobial resistance.

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