Infection In focus

Menarini Group

A digital project to raise awareness and educate on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and superbugs.

Today, more than ever, antibiotics are to be considered a prized resource for the protection of our health and in general for the advancement and results achieved by modern medicine. Antimicrobial resistance is a wide-ranging phenomenon that also includes antibiotic resistance: “If no action is taken by 2050, antimicrobial resistance will kill more people every year than cancer.” AMR is therefore a problem that regards us all: it can affect anyone at any stage of life and new forms of resistance can easily spread between continents with the movements of people, freights and animals. With few replacement drugs currently in the pipeline, without coordinated and immediate activities on a global scale, the world is heading towards a post-antibiotic era in which common infections could again become lethal.

Polk&Union supports digital education on AMR

The Menarini Group has decided to take an active part in the fight against antimicrobial-resistance by expanding its product portfolio and recently adding three innovative antibiotics. Polk&Union has supported the Infection Disease business unit run by Menarini Group with the aim of fostering this commitment: first of all through a digital education operation they want to inform and to raise awareness amongst the general public and healthcare professionals, providing accurate information on the threat posed by this situation and on the importance of responsible antibiotic use.


  • Strategic Thinking & Consulting
  • Creative Concept
  • Video Production
  • Architecture Information, Design, Infrastructure
  • Content Production
  • Medical Writing & Localization
  • Seo Content Optimization
  • Multi-channel Global Campaign
  • Client Project Management


  • Global website
  • Campaign video
  • Video pre-roll 20”
  • Display Banner
  • Scientific Content
  • Infographics
  • Video interview with doctors
  • Scientific partnership SITA

Brand awareness




“Thanks”: the campaign and all touchpoints

Polk&Union created this project working as a team with the Menarini Group Corporate Therapeutic business unit. To represent the company’s commitment in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and superbugs, Polk&Union developed a strategic approach whose main asset was a multilingual global website for patients (ITA, ENG, FR, ES ), with vertical content on AMR. The supporting “Thanks” video campaign conveyed an immediate positive message, expressing the full gratitude of patients who had survived an illness thanks to a proper use of antibiotics. Polk&Union – which was awarded tender for this activity – managed the information system architecture, the infrastructure design and all the online scientific medical content, creating a certified storytelling that is totally clear and accessible. From antibiotic stewardship promoting the careful and responsible use of antimicrobials to certified original contents, delivered with the contribution of specialised doctors and the partnership with SITA (Italian Society of Anti-Infective Therapy). The entire project will be officially launched by 2021 with a global multichannel campaign on media, display and search.

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