Content & digital reshape

medac Pharma Italy

A new digital ecosystem to consolidate online presence

Pharma and Healthcare are the verticals that are most affected by the digital transformation trend hastened by Covid. HCPs are increasingly digitized and aware of the extent of support that the network can provide to their professional path. The same is true for patients or caregivers, used to interacting in real time with platforms capable of understanding and meeting – or even anticipating – their needs. Every Pharma company, be it small or large, currently addresses highly evolved audiences that assume these companies will be in step with their expectations. This is the case of medac Pharma, which by going digital and opening up its channels can seize the opportunity to build a stronger relationship between brands and characteristic values. Moreover, it can achieve a more solid and recognizable market positioning, while its virtual presence will be equally engaging and user-centered.

Polk&Union’s support in managing new channels

What does digital communication mean for a Pharma company? Founded in 2012 as an Italian subsidiary of the German multinational medac GmbH, in Italy medac grew based on the parent company’s expertise, through a heritage of international scientific culture. Today, as a mature startup, it is relying on Polk&Union to unfold its potential by developing at an equal pace its online presence and its ability to relate to all its brand personas. Polk & Union supported the brand in finding a way out of its digital ‘stalemate’ with a lack of social profiles and a basic website not fully representing the company mission and values: innovation, experience, excellence, passion.


  • Strategic Thinking & Consulting
  • Corporate Identity Restyling
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Website Seo Content Optimization
  • Social Media & Digital Adv
  • Client Project Management


  • Social media Management
  • Content production
  • Webite implementation

Brand Awareness

Positioning & Consideration

Website traffic

Engagement & Loyalty

A digital reshape for medac Pharma Italy’s new ecosystem

Together with the activities necessary for the opening of medac Pharma to digital marketing, Polk&Union suggested an even more ambitious path for the brand: redefining the existing platforms to support its evolution from startup to established pharmaceutical player, ready to express itself as an innovative company. To carry out this challenge, Polk&Union designed a long-term reshape, redefining medac Pharma’s digital ecosystem by making proprietary assets interdependent. The website becomes the nerve center of every communication, social channels are the main showcases for intercepting new audiences and consolidating existing ones, digital advertising is the essential lever for the construction of an engaged, focused and specialized community. The project, launched in February 2021 and ongoing for the rest of the year, involves managing the Facebook and LinkedIn social channels and working strategically on in order to increase the brand’s authority and visibility, while attracting an increasing amount of traffic to the company’s digital property.

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