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Engagement at 360 / + interaction

Influencers, cooking shows, pranks and an army of Red Vespa to conquer the Roman coast: these are just some of the ingredients of an unconventional integrated communication campaign.

For the restyling of the Ipercoop shop at the Euroma2 shopping centre, we turned to the always growing audience of food lovers. Our starting point? What unites us: good food, the search for healthy and beautiful dishes, the passion for details.


  • Digital Campaign
  • Activation
  • Experiential Marketing
  • New concept store design


  • Creative Concept
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Viral Marketing (Video and traditional)
  • Sentiment Analysis


Social interactions in less than a month


Social impressions


Web traffic


Business volume

In the kingdom of visual content

The food sector is the realm of visual content: using creative and innovative ways to reach users is a must, especially if, beyond the aesthetics of a beautiful presentation, you also want to convey significant information on the quality, provenance and sustainability of raw products. Initiatives that generates high rates of involvement, both online and offline, can be implemented in mass retailers too.

The art of engagement

Focusing this project on clients and users let us involve them personally: gathering their experiences around a social campaign, making them unaware protagonists of pranks inside the shopping centre, monitoring -before and after the opening event- the public’s sentiment towards the brand and its competitors.

A successful initiative

FoodLovers has perfectly integrated user generated contents, the “Food Lover Angels” on Vespa touring the most strategic places in the city, and a digital countdown showcasing street activities and in-store cooking shows. We enriched a promotional campaign with engaging, fun and dynamic activities: for real FoodLovers!

Campagna Foodlovers - Ipercoop

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