Italy Women’s Football lands on social media

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) – Women’s Football

The right style and the right voice for a sport that unites

Women’s football is flourishing all over the world. An example? The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final between the US and Japan has been the most watched soccer match -played by both men and women- in American history, with 26.7 million TV viewers.

We are proud of our collaboration with FIGC for the promotion of women’s football in Italy and its official launch on social networks. FIGC Calcio Femminile’s social accounts tell us the story of a lively and passionate community, composed of fans of every gender and age.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creative Concept


  • Social Media Management
  • Digital PR


Social impressions in less than 3 months

+ 47,5%

Avg. monthly community growth 1st quarter


Social interactions in less than 3 months

Power to the colour

Our creative and content strategy gives its best on social media, sustained by a perfect harmony between graphic identity and social media management. Today, FIGC Calcio Femminile presents itself with a coordinated image of fresh and vivid colours, developed to match different communication materials. Our bubbles, fluid and colourful elements, follow sports actions. They are animated and dynamic. It almost seems that football players could interact with them.

FIGC: a loud and clear voice

We based our strategy on a refined yet straightforward concept. Our narrative frame has been designed to undermine prejudices, media under-exposure and old conceptions. No, women’s sports and women’s football are not copies of the male ones.

Add value to talent

On the contrary, we proudly highlighted the specificities of women’s football: same sport, different philosophy. Women’s football can aggregate and excite by emphasising the values ​​of loyalty, passion and fun.

Social content per FIGC Divisione Femminile Calcio

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