Proxana Plus


Polk&Union for the relaunch of the digital presence of the Proxana Plus supplement with a campaign aimed at doctors

Improving the online presence of Proxana Plus in a pugnacious scenario

Alfasigma, one of Italy’s major pharmaceutical players, has chosen Polk&Union to revitalize its historic product Proxana Plus, a supplement to improve prostate health.

We took on the challenge of relaunching Proxana Plus and pertaining product requirements to its HCP target, namely urologists and general practitioners, so that the Alfasigma supplement will recover its leadership in the combative and crowded market concerned, driven by its competitors’ aggressive and channeled communication.

Our response strategy was aimed at building a solid and significant digital presence for Proxana Plus activating a constant content production process and creating a new digital ecosystem that will intercept its target and reinforce awareness.

A first HCP-focused product relaunch stage

To reaffirm Proxana Plus as a leading product, Polk&Union focused on direct communication to the HCPs, in view of a more substantial campaign to be planned and launched in 2023 conducive to target expanding.

We started from the construction of a new identity and a specific storytelling that narrated the product’s strengths to the relevant audience: urologists as primary target and general practitioners as secondary target. In the next step we engaged in broadcasting all contents through targeted communication channels set up for doctors and specialists. This strategy ended with the creation of a direct lead-building engagement funnel, establishing a relationship with audiences in public mode based on content relevance as regards their needs and interests.


  • Strategic Thinking & Consulting
  • Landing Page campagna HCP
  • Social Media set up
  • Digital ADV


  • Dedicated landing page (medical writing)
  • Infographic and feature article by professional medical writers
  • Proxana Plus official social media launch and management
  • Native Campaigns and Display Adv
  •  Social Paid Adv campaigns


Traffic generation on landing page


Infographic page views


Social impressions


Link clicks

A digital ecosystem with an HCP funnel

A new digital ecosystemsupporting all business areas while reinforcing brand distinctiveness and laying the foundations for its progressive growth in digital marketing was defined to reaffirm Proxana Plus as a leading product.

At the core of the new online Proxana PLUS presence is the activation of a dedicated landing page, having a dual goal: to provide primary information that will guide and support the prescribing doctor and, consequently, to relaunch the product. Along with the landing page, related social channels have been created, together with specific content by professional medical writers and paid media activity targeting HCPs and general public.

The final campaign aimed to boost product visibility of the product and increase traffic to the landing page created specifically for urology specialists and general practitioners (complete with infographics, articles and FAQs), focusing on native and display advertising to arouse awareness and consideration on target channels.

Social creativity for the new digital presence of Proxana Plus

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