Digital pharmacovigilance, Polk&Union becomes increasingly specialized


Polk&Union increasingly specialized in pharmacovigilance: news cover

From the regulatory framework on pharmacovigilance to the latest digital trends: the Italian American agency pursues its plan to update and consolidate skills in Healthcare and Pharma.

For Polk&Union, a digital communication agency specializing in integrated marketing, continuous training has always been part of its corporate culture. Indeed, developing new skills, also transversal ones, represents a great competitive advantage, especially in the field of digital pharma marketing.

In 2021, the agency launched Polk&Union Health, the new division devoted exclusively to Healthcare and Pharma, formed by a team of communication experts with in-depth industry knowledge. An extremely regulated market having a heavy responsibility such as that of healthcare companies requires professionals who are always up to date on relevant regulations, in particular on the subject of pharmacovigilance, as well as on trends and scenarios.

Continuous training in Healthcare and Pharma: Polk&Union’s experience with pharmacovigilance

Polk&Union regularly provides training and updating sessions for all its resources, who are encouraged to participate in industry events, conferences and webinars.

The most recent update involved Content team members engaged in important Pharma projects, who took part in an event focusing on pharmacovigilance in digital media organized by AboutAcademy, the HPS Business Unit for healthcare training events. An important opportunity for updates and discussions on this subject, with reference to Italian as well as international regulations, together with the European GVP (Good Pharmacovigilance Practices) guidelines, governance tools and processes and the latest news in the field, such as AI applications in the current adverse reaction tracking system.

Polk&Union Health for a sound and responsible communication 

One year after launching its Health division, Polk&Union confirms its vertical positioning in the medical-healthcare sector, on the strength of a concrete and substantial approach to Pharma companies in orchestrating effective and successful communication and digital pharmaceutical marketing strategies. Communicating in Health requires awareness, relevance and solidity: this is why Polk&Union is increasingly committed to updating its team’s skills to support companies.

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The Italian American agency is also preparing to implement in-house continuous training, along with a new Digital Training Plan for 2023.

«The digital world has undergone a significant metamorphosis in recent years, starting from the digitalization of the medical and scientific sector, which has allowed to share information in a simpler and more integrative manner among company departments. These new ways of interacting pose new challenges, but also great opportunities for pharmaceutical companies», explained Polk&Union Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Marketing Director of Alessia Sersanti.

«Pharma companies must keep pace, especially in ​​pharmacovigilance, which obliges to adapt a few traditional project management techniques to new digital processes, to manage large amounts of data with new technologies; as well as the swift communication of those relating to health, also on social media – concluded Sersanti – At Polk&Union we are well aware of this, and that’s why we continue to invest in in-house training, especially in the field of health communication, our spearhead».