Polk&Union strategic partner of Palletways Italy after Covid-19

P&U took on the challenge: to create a strategy that would give new impetus to the Transportation and Logistics industry after the severe setback due to the pandemic emergency. Polk&Union implemented a strategy focusing on the development of an integrated communication plan. Brand awareness initiatives, internal business tools facilitating exchanges and engagement between the management and the affiliate network, social media production and management strategy with online and offline ADV. The aim was shortening the distances that had lately appeared unbridgeable, helping to rediscover the undermined sense of unity through a network of solidarity that does not recognize borders. Palletways Italy sought to use this message to make a fresh start: the agency turned it into a branding and business support campaign on a national scale, producing the institutional video #ricominciAMOinsieme for its storytelling. The video was distributed on digital channels and on ’traditional’ media to reach every target audience of the company.

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