Polk&Union celebrates 10 years and launches Polk&Union Health

Alessia Sersanti

The italian digital communication agency based in Rome and Seattle announces the birth of the new division dedicated to Healthcare and Pharma

Rome, Seattle, 15.09.2021 – Polk&Union, the digital communication and integrated marketing agency born in the United States, though of italian descent, and based in Rome and Seattle, celebrates its first 10 years and announces the birth of the ‘Polk&Union Health’ division, thus sealing the strong specialization gained alongside national and international clients in the Healthcare and Pharma sector.

Since its foundation in 2007, Polk&Union has been involved in the development of digital communication projects for large companies: among them, Pfizer, Medac Pharma Italia, MSD Merck, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Viatris, European Hospital, Omikron, Trovasalute and Menarini. Together with the Menarini Group, Polk&Union has recently launched “Infection in Focus”, a cross-channel digital education project launched with the “Thanks” campaign on media, display, Youtube and search and aimed at raising awareness of the issue of antibiotic resistance by promoting the correct use of those. 

In its first 10 years, the agency has contributed to the digital transition process of companies operating in the health sector by developing innovative projects, both B2B and B2C. The dedicated strategy outlined for each client mainly aims at working on positioning and brand awareness, by means of chatbots, digital lab consultancy, institutional and branding campaigns, social content, medical writing, online monitoring and several other tools. Now that communication is a unique ensemble between the online and offline environments, Polk&Union’s activity allows customers to maximize results, benefiting from all the opportunities offered by digital marketing and the insights resulting from data analysis to bring value to stakeholders and reach the final customer.

“Healthcare and Pharma form a regulated market carrying a great responsibility and requiring a team of professionals who are experts in this sector, certified and knowledgeable about the rules of Pharma Supervision”, said Alessia Sersanti, Polk&Union Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “The execution of pharmaceutical health projects often requires interaction and coordination with transversal teams, located in various parts of the world, such as India, the United States, Dubai and Italy. Our first customer was precisely a multinational player in the health sector, with whose boundaries and potential we are familiar, and we are pleased to celebrate our first double-digit birthday by capitalizing on our experience in a new dedicated division. For us and for our customers, P&U Health will be the environment where we can bring together our strategic vision, creative voice and new talents”.

The Healthcare unit, led by Tiziano Vitale, will join the other Strategy, Digital and Content & Creativity divisions and will be able to draw on the resources of Polk&Union’s multi-specialism – a range of sectors from sports to energy, from transportation to large distribution – as well as the international mindset of its DNA.

Since its establishment, the agency has gone through a trend of progressive growth, achieving an 80% turnover increase in the last three years 2018/2020. The agency reacted with resilience even during the pandemic, by ensuring a positive 10% trend also in 2020, forecasting a recovery for 2021 with an estimated turnover growth of at least 20%.

Polk&Union Digital Communication Agency was founded in San Francisco, California in 2007 and takes its name from the intersection of Polk and Union Streets, which hosted its first office. Innovation and internationality are the hallmarks of Polk&Union. The cross-cultural mindset underlying Polk&Union’s DNA, together with the know-how acquired in the United States – first in San Francisco and then in Seattle, starting from 2019 – were transferred to Rome, Italy, where the agency was established in 2011 as a reference point in the italian market, supporting companies, organizations and associations in the 360-degree digital communications of B2Bs and B2Cs, its cutting-edge services include Integrated Marketing Communication, Content, Digital Media and Digital Technology, besides those that the Polk&Union Health Division specifically provides to the Healthcare & Pharma sector.