Communicating with digital physicians: the challenge for Pharma 4.0


Un medico che usa strumenti di comunicazione digitale

Strategies focused on engagement are needed to intercept and win the loyalty of doctors, in particular the new generations, who expect the industry to provide not only drugs, but also contents and tools

The Pharma industry is living a new digital era. Partly driven by the pandemic, communication has evolved: physicians, especially Millennials who have grown up in a digital world, shift from the Internet to social media and forums. Medical doctors are now recognizing their importance in improving patient relationship and services and seek new opportunities for dialogue and discussion with colleagues.

The great challenge facing pharmaceutical companies is based on three key factors: intercepting, engaging and retaining these new generations of physicians who are hungry for information.

Responding to physicians’ needs

The required strategies focus on the digital engagement of physicians, who must be reached along every touchpoint of the HCP journey that doctors undertake to find answers to their needs to develop new knowledge and improve the exercise of their profession, bridging the distance with patients.

New communication schemes must be supported by online ecosystems capable of meeting these needs. Physicians expect Pharma companies to provide not only new drugs, but also contents, tools and services that make a difference in their daily activities and in the process of specialization and detailed study.

What is the response from the healthcare world? According to the research “The new era of HCP engagement”, conducted by Reuters Events Pharma jointly with the Dutch medical-scientific publisher Elsevier, in general digital advertising spending is expected to increase from 63% to 78% by 2025. That’s not all: content quality and the necessity to respond to physicians’ needs are considered the most important factors by those who make investment decisions. Furthermore, companies are increasingly creating online platforms developed exclusively for the HCP network, providing useful specific resources on products and diseases: videos and webinars on industry events, courses, therapeutic indications, educational material for patients and caregivers.

Polk&Union strategic partner for the Pharma industry

Polk&Union, a digital communication agency specializing in integrated marketing, has been studying the evolution of physicians for some time. The agency, for over ten years a strategic partner of major national and international health players, has an entire division devoted to the Healthcare and Pharma world.

With its deep knowledge of the reference market, Polk&Union builds communication strategies and plans, targeting health professionals and various healthcare audiences. Alongside companies in this sector, the agency addresses the digital race challenge to improve dialogue with the main players in the Pharma industry: the patient and the physician.