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Ode to ordinary heroes, the real superheroes of everyday life who make extraordinarily normal gestures. Let’s give them the visibility they deserve. #OrdinaryHeroes is born under this premise and has become an international charity initiative promoted by the Holy See to share a message of altruism and solidarity in a contemporary and pop version.

Everyone of us has something beautiful to share that can also be an inspiration for others. We created a global social campaign to honour simple and great stories of solidarity that make the world a better place.

International storytelling

In this project, content production and video strategy have merged to support our international storytelling, promoted by the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See and supported by RTL, the global network Vatican News and Vatican Radio. #OrdinaryHeroes has gradually become a hub of stories giving visibility to the solidarity storytelling that struggles to emerge.

To this aim, in addition to user-generated contents, we decided to spread #OrdinaryHeroes knowledge and founding values even more.

The t-shirt will come back to the Vatican City in:

T-shirt on the run!

A special t-shirt has begun a journey around the world that brought it into the hands of entertainment and sport celebrities to be autographed.

Once back at the Vatican City after its long journey, the t-shirt will be then auctioned for charity and 100% of the sale’s profits will be donated to the Peter’s Pence Works of Mercy. This journey has been made possible thanks to the kind participation of celebrities like Totti, Maradona, Sol Campbell and many others.

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