Three different visions, three complementary approaches, just one mission. Innovation is an attitude.

EPOKA Group is born with the partnership between Extreme, specialised in web and social media monitoring through proprietary technology, and kapusons: a point of reference in the field of new media and ICT with over twenty years of experience in software development, UI/UX design and rich internet applications.

We contribute to the EPOKA Group with our creativity and passion for storytelling. We enriched the Group’s competences with an international approach and a wide-ranging perspective to the challenges we face together, never losing our focus on objectives and performance’s results analysis.


  • Big data analysis
  • Sentiment analysis


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Competitor analysis

Thanks to the experience and the successes obtained during the management of sport icons’ communication campaign, we launched with EPOKA Group ikon: an innovative communication and marketing program to increase the value of athletes and sport clubs.

The innovation of our program consists in equipping our communication and marketing approach with a meticulous context analysis, to take the maximum advantage in terms of brand image and positioning. This transformation from web reputation to brand is also made possible with the involvement of top managers, thanks to the adoption of a circular approach based on analysis, strategy and results monitoring.

X Factor is indeed one of the best-known talent shows of the world: the interest for its contestants is always high, both offline and online, and it often triggers intense reactions and contrasts in the audience. It is a perfect case to analyse.

Throughout the whole duration of the show, indeXfactor effectively indicated the contestants who got eliminated from the show as those with the lowest engagement and, among the prevailing contestants, those with the most active and engaged online communities.

With indeXfactor we decided to evaluate if and how online communities’ engagement influences the results of the contestants performance during the 11th edition of X Factor Italia. We analysed the online buzz to find concrete insights of a unique and interesting case study.

With ElectionMood we decided to analyse some of the most pressing topical issues of the news: politics and elections. We decided to study the relation between the political storytelling of online newspapers, political leaders and parties, in comparison with audience social reactions.

Thanks to the proprietary platform WebLive we put under analysis big data generated by social networks before, during and after the 2018 Italian electoral campaign. Experts of political and digital communication, statisticians, data scientists, analysts and developers composed the team who run the project.

ElectionMood is innovative both for its methodology and for its contents. It has immediately caught the attention of the main Italian media who started to talk about our work: La7, adn kronos, Il Tempo, Il Messaggero, AgenParl, CorCom, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi and many others.

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