Francesco Totti


Using web reputation to generate a competitive advantage / +strategy

For an internationally renowned athlete like Francesco Totti, the main challenge is to adapt a communication strategy to his authenticity and spontaneity, not vice versa.

The objective is to increase the value of his image and diversify it with new shades, while continuing to expand his brand presence with strategy and intelligence. It is paramount not to deceive the fanbase with a non-natural brand image who have nothing to share with the real idol we all love.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Intelligence


  • Web monitoring
  • ADV
  • Digital PR
  • Community building



engagements: Most popular tweet of 2017 in Italy

web and social community


PR opportunities managed in 2 years

How did we do this?

With EPOKA Group, we run an in-depth context analysis at the beginning of the project and identified the main strengths to leverage: a crucial step towards the final objective.

We then built our strategy’s dream team: graphics, web development, SEO and content management.

This match required a good dose of web monitoring and digital PR: a reliable structure to support the champion image and the contents he decides to share on his digital and social channels.

Idols like Francesco Totti are surrounded by a lively ecosystem that holds together emotions of fans, supporters, audience and journalists from all over the world. A system that Polk&Union contributes to create and develop.

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