Polk&Union di nuovo al fianco di Palletways Italia per il lancio della nuova campagna #ricominciAMOinsieme

Palletways Italia has chosen Polk&Union as its strategic partner for the launch of the new campaign #ricominciAMOinsieme

The Italian leading transport company Palletways Italia, part of Palletways Group Ltd, the biggest express European distribution network of goods on pallet with more than 400 dealers all over Europe, which is also part of the South African Holding of Imperial Logistics Ltd widespread among 32 nations with more than 27.000 employers, has chosen the Creative Content & Digital Marketing Agency Polk&Union as its strategic partner for the relaunch of the business in the phase two of the Covid-19 era.


The challenge was to develop a strategy able to boost the economic recovery for the transport and logistics sectors that have experienced a tough blow during the pandemic emergency and, at the same time, to demonstrate to the network of the affiliates the dedication and the hard work that the company has pursued during this period of crisis.


Polk&Union’s strategy focused on the development of an integrated communication activity, that spanned from brand awareness initiatives, the development of internal business tools to encourage the conversation and the engagement between the management and the network of the affiliates, to the production and management of social media content for the online and offline distribution. The strategy included  also the production of an ad-hoc video  that has been  distributed through digital channels as well as via traditional media to reach the company’s broad-base target audience.


Reducing the distances that seemed to be immense during these tough times, helping to restore a sense of unity thrown into crisis through a network of solidarity that knows neither boundaries nor limits. This is the message that Palletways Italia wanted to be the foundation of its rebooting phase and that Polk&Union translated it into a branding and advertising campaign to support the business on a national basis, which reflects the brand values and goals shared in the institutional production of the video #ricominciAMOinsieme [aka, #LetsGetStartedTogether].

“This is an example of how a brand can demonstrate its closeness to its network of affiliates and its clients”, comments Polk&Union CEO Tiziano Vitale. “Brands can give voice to their own actions by demonstrating the tangible support that they have continued to offer to their employees, affiliates, and clients during this difficult period by indirectly participating in people’s real life. The campaign aims to tell and show the company’s contribution to the Italian system by supporting its network: just when Italy is ready to take off again, the campaign’s message translates a threatening scenario into an opportunity, it supports the business relaunch and the affirmation of its brand. We do believe in this project and we are honored to support Palletways Italia with our expertise.”


Polk&Union is responsible for planning and executing the whole campaign, from the definition of the strategic communication points, the production of the content pieces, the digital experience, and the media plan for the advertisement of the campaign on a national basis.



This blog post is the translation of a press release published in the Italian press.